Battle of the lip balms

Lips can often be a neglected part of our bodies, we sometimes don’t protect them from the sun or have a bad habit of biting them or even just wearing a lot of drying lipsticks can wear them out. I’m into lip balm as much as I’m into lip colour so I decided to put five of my lip balms to the test. These are not necessarily in order of preference.


Starting from left to right, I’m going to talk about my personal favourite. In the yellow glass jar is the Nuxe Reve De Miel. This retails on Amazon and space NK for £9.50. Not the cheapest lip balm but the best by far. Unlike most other lip balms this one has a thick fudge like texture which puts some people off. The drier your lips the stranger it feels on your lips as it doesn’t sink in as quickly. I urge everyone to keep using it until their lips are in better condition (which doesn’t take long using this product) so the lip balm absorbs into your skin easily. This is the longest lasting lip balm I have tried so if you don’t like the feeling of it too much, put it on at night before bed and it will still be there in the morning along with much softer lips. It contains honey but weirdly enough it smells like chocolate orange, delicious! I can see why this is a cult favourite that managed to make its way worldwide from its small origins in France, it’s definitely my favourite lip balm I have tried to this day and even got a thumbs up from my mum who suffers from very chapped lips. 

The second product isn’t always classified as a lip balm but it’s a popular one nevertheless. I love to use the rose and almond oil one in the summer as it just gives you a little bit of moisture and a light touch of pink colour on your lips too. While it’s inexpensive (around £1.70- £2) it’s not the longest lasting but it smells lovely and if you use it frequently through the day can be effective in keeping your lips well moisturised. 

Third on my list is the priciest but beloved by celebs and experts alike. It’s the By Terry Baume De Rose. This luxurious baby is sold at space NK and John Lewis for £39. I wanted to see if it was worth the price. Let me say that while it doesn’t take the Nuxe lip balm’s number one spot I did think it ranked pretty high in terms of quality. It is very moisturising, provides protection from the sun and leaves a lovely silver shimmer on your lips. I am an absolute sucker for rose scented products and this smells like real roses rather than the artificial smell of roses some lip balms have. It contains real rose oil and the lip balm comes in a beautiful glass pot, which I have always preferred to a stick of lip balm instead. While I admit £39 is an awful lot to spend on lip balm when a £9.50 one is more effective, I can see the fuss in this product as it is high quality.

Fourth is one of lush’s lip balms. The chocolate orange scented whipstick. This doesn’t smell as good as the chocolate orange scent of the Nuxe balm but it does have a similar fudge like texture. This retails for £5.75 and while I love some lush products this one wasn’t a favourite. It lasts longer than Vaseline but not as long as the other mentioned balms and because of the chocolate colour, it sometimes looks too dark on your lips. It is however fairly moisturising and a good light lip balm for the summer. It’s not the worst, far from it but just not amazing.

The discovery of the last lip balm I consider a blessing and a curse. I was in New York when a friend recommended me this so I went to sephora and bought a pot and fell in love with it. It retails for $28, again pretty pricy but worth it. It smells divine, just like real roses and also helps plump your lips Kylie Jenner style. You get 20g a pot, so more than any of the others and in the freezing cold of New York this stuff was a life saver. It’s fairly long lasting and a beautiful light pink colour. It can be a little sticky on your fingers but that’s no deal breaker. The deal breaker with this is that it has been discontinued in the UK and is only available in sephora and eBay in some cases. Sephora sadly does not ship this product to the UK either so you can only grab it if you go to sephora yourself. If I had not discovered Nuxe I would have been so upset Dior decided to discontinue this lip balm as it still remains one of my favourites! 

Nuxe to this day remains my favourite but I’m always keeping my eyes open for new lip balms, especially rose scented ones. 


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